Dabur almond hair oil 100.00 ml bottle

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  • Dabur Almond Hair Oil, a one-of-its-kind product that offers superior nourishment for 100% damage-free hair.Dabur has combined the goodness of nature and scientific research tointroduce Dabur Almond Hair Oil, a product that has twice the amount of Vitamin E as compared to well known almond hair oils and Almond Protein vital nutrients known for hair health. Dabur Almond Hair Oil is, in fact, the only product in the almond hair oil category with Almond Protein.Extensive consumer research has shown that Dabur Almond Hair Oil keeps hair silky, strong and 100% damage free. The oil penetrates deep into the hair instantly, providing intensive care without leaving a greasy feel.providing nourishment and strength. Clinic Plus Vita Oil also contains ten times more amount of Vitamin E which makes the hair look more healthy and beautiful.